Huutah is a useful medicinal plant for the Tongva.  For skin infections, they make a strong tea from the bark and use the oils from the leaves and the twigs.  The leaves and twigs are also ground into a powder and mixed with animal grease to be applied on sores and snakebites.  In addition, the leaves and the branches may be boiled to produce a liquid to bathe infected, sore, or swollen parts of the body.

The Tongva also use huutah to relieve ulcers, chest ailments and cramps.  A tea from huutah leaves alleviates these conditions.

Huutah has also some important non-medicinal uses.  The branches serve in the fabrication of arrows, fencing for the sacred enclosure called Yovaar, and the arbor called Orovavekech.  It also makes an excellent firewood.

Adenostoma fasciculatum

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  Mario Incayawar, M.D., 2010

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