Yatatkosot serves a few medicinal purposes for the Tongva, and may be used in many other important ways.  The plant is useful in relieving skin-related symptoms. For sores and wounds, wilted leaves are rubbed on the affected area.  For swellings, a poultice of leaves and stems is applied.

Yatatkosot may also be used in personal hygiene.  To clean the teeth, the flowers are chewed.  A wash can also be made specifically for men from the leaves and stems.

The plant is also an important food source.  Yatatkosot leaves and stems are gathered in early spring and summer and are eaten both raw and boiled.  The roots are used to brew coffee. Alternatively, the leaves may be placed in soup to add flavor.

Taraxacum californicum

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  Mario Incayawar, M.D., 2010

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