This catalog contains forty-six medicinal plants.  This is only a small sampling of the vast knowledge of medicinal plants used by the Tongva.  Further work is needed in order to gather the bountiful Tongva traditional knowledge of plant properties and uses.

Each plant is presented here with its Tongva name.  However, to facilitate searching, the catalog list shows the common names in English and the scientific names in Latin.  When more than one common name is known for a plant, each name appears on the list.

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Barbara Drake, Tongva consultant.

A Tongva ceremony in Claremont, California.

A small lake in the mountain landscape of the Tongva traditional territory. 

A Tongva house, Santa Fe Springs, California.

Tongva women's dance.

Teaching children about Tongva culture in Santa Fe Springs, California.

A sweat lodge used in healing ceremonies.

A granary used to store dried acorns, a Tongva staple food.

Interior of a Tongva house.

Learning about Tongva medicinal plants in the Bernard Field Station, Claremont, California.

Research team in fieldwork.  From left to right:  Mark Acuña, Tongva consultant; Prof. Sharon Snowiss, Pitzer College; Barbara Drake, Tongva consultant; Lise Bouchard, Co-Investigator.


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