Dr. Mario Incayawar offers consulting services to individuals, educational and research centers, government agencies, NGOs, international organizations and Amerindian Nations.

The services offered are:

  • Lectures
  • Design and Implementation of Scientific Studies in Culturally Diverse Populations
  • Clinical Trials Design of Pain and Psychiatric Therapies
  • Design of Culturally Adapted Health Care Programs
  • Implementation of Telemedicine / Telepsychiatry Services




  The consulting services are offered in English, Quichua, French, and Spanish  

Dr. Incayawar's fields of expertise:



  • Culture, Pain, and Analgesia with emphasis on Amerindian Pain Experiences
  • Social and Cultural Neuroscience of Pain and Analgesia
  • Pain and Psychiatric Comorbidities
  • Psychiatry and Indigenous Peoples of the Americas
  • Traditional Healers and Global Mental Health
  • Amerindian Medical Knowledge
  • Pharmaceutical Anthropology
  • Cross-Cultural Validation and High Fidelity Equivalence of Translated Psychometric Instruments
  • Telepsychiatry in diverse and remote communities


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