The Tongva community has many  medicinal uses for  Pa.akal.  It also has uses in ceremonies. Pa.akal is found as two different species: E. californica (all green), and E. farinosa (grayish).  Both plants have medicinal properties used to ease different forms of pain. 

 To relieve chest pains, the Tongva apply heated gum from gray pa.akal.  The resin from gray pa.akal is collected, hardened, and taken as a general painkiller.  The leaves, flowers, stems, and roots from green pa.akal are mashed and boiled into a thick poultice to ease general pain.  A poultice for wounds is made from green pa.akal leaves.   

For more specific conditions such as rheumatism, leaves, roots, and flowers from green pa.akal are mashed and boiled into a decoction for bathing.  To calm toothaches, the leaves, flowers, and stems are mashed into a thick paste and applied to the teeth.  To refresh the mouth and breath, stems from green pa.akal are chewed.

 Finally, the Tongva  create ceremonial incense by drying gray pa.akal resin and combining it  with the dried leaves and flowers of the plant.

Encelia californica, Encelia farinosa

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  Mario Incayawar, M.D., 2010

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