Tukupar ahen has many different medicinal properties useful to the Tongva.  The plant can act as an emetic.  The whole plant is boiled into a thick decoction and used as a purgative.  In place of the whole plant, the roots may  be ground up, dried, and used with the same purpose.      

The plant also alleviates some forms of pain.  For stomach aches and cramps, the Tongva make a decoction using the entire plant. A mild tea from the leaves calms throat irritations.  A stronger tea helps to restore blood after an illness.  However, a strong, thick tea made of the leaves may produce abortions.  Due to the strong effects of tukupar ahen, pregnant women are advised not to take this tea. 


Sisyrinchum bellum

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  Mario Incayawar, M.D., 2010

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