The Tongva use various parts of atuto’nar for medicinal purposes.  For respiratory ailments such as chest pain and coughs, they drink a tea made from the leaves.  They also use the fruits to relieve coughs. A decoction made from berries and roots can also be consumed for this purpose.

In the Tongva culture, a decoction made from the roots of atuno’nar is viewed as helpful for irregular menses.  An infusion made from the leaves is taken to help relieve menstrual cramps. Tongva women drink atuno'nar tea after giving birth to a child.  To relieve pain when urinating, the Tongva make a poultice from the same part of the plant.  A decoction made from the bark of atuto’nar is also useful in the treatment of skin problems including itching and rashes.

Rhus laurina

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