Sorah provides many medicines that are especially useful to Tongva women.  The plant is often used for menstrual symptoms and also after pregnancy.  Tongva women treat irregular menses by drinking a decoction made from the roots of the plant.  Also, an infusion made of sorah leaves eases menstrual cramps.  After pregnancy, they drink tea made of the leaves to regain strength.

Sorah can alleviate coughs by taking a decoction of the roots, a decoction of the berries, or a tea made from the leaves.  If both coughs and sore throat are present, a mild tea made from the branches helps.  More general symptoms may also be relieved through the use of sorah.  Stomach gas is helped by taking a decoction of sorah roots.  A poultice of the roots is also applied to the abdomen to alleviate pain when urinating.  Chest pains are reduced by drinking the tea made from the leaves.  To reduce itching and rashes, the Tongva take a decoction made from the bark. 

Sorah is also consumed as a drink to quench thirst.  The berries are covered with a sour-sweet, sticky substance, and when stirred in water they provide a refreshing drink.  To alleviate the thirst of a long journey, the Tongva roll sorah leaves into a wad and place it in the mouth when walking. 

Rhus Integrifolia

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  Mario Incayawar, M.D., 2010

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