The Tongva people use tahor atatuma for various medicinal purposes.  To calm the stomach, they boil the entire plant into a decoction to mix into a steam bath.  To relieve urinary problems, they make an infusion of the leaves and seeds or a decoction of the bark.  However, the seeds are poisonous and should not be eaten.   

Tahor atatuma also treats skin irriations.  The leaves are crushed and applied to irritations, to blisters resulting from “poison oak,” and to blisters in general.  An infusion made of the flowers is applied to wounds to help them heal. Finally, the leaves are used in a spring tonic.

 The Tongva use tahor atatuma for some non-medicinal uses as well.  The leaves are eaten after having been leached and cooked properly.  Also, a green dye can be extracted from the leaves and a blue dye from the flowers.

Tahor atatuma can be used to soothe fussy babies.  The roots are burned and the ashes are applied to cradles to help babies sleep more soundly.


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