Kwiash holds medicinal properties useful to the Tongva.  The Tongva use a decoction of the leaves to treat respiratory problems like bronchitis and asthma.  This decoction is also taken for urinary problems. Mothers that have recently given birth also drink this tea to improve circulation. 

For rheumatic pain and wounds, the Tongva apply a kwiash poultice. To alleviate earaches, they place heated kwiash leaves in the ear.  A tea made from kwiash bark helps to relieve stomaches, sore throats, and coughs.  Parts of the kwiash plant are made into a poultice to treat cuts, bruises, sores, and back pain.  The leaves are used to wash hair and relieve scalp irritation. 

Kwiash holds a special place into Tongva ceremonies.  Bundles of the plant hang in sweathouses.  Girls preparing for puberty rites must bathe in a kwiash wash.  To protect themselves from the spirits of the dead, men and women in charge of handling the dead wash and rub their hands in kwiash.

Artemesia douglasiana

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  Mario Incayawar, M.D., 2010

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