The Tongva use anungili for several ailments, including skin conditions. This plant can alleviate skin-related symptoms like blisters, sores, swellings, and even rheumatic pains. A poultice is prepared from the leaves and the stems in order to ease the pain associated with these conditions. For more serious skin conditions, such as wounds or infections, a compound poultice is made with clematis (Virginís Bower) leaves and applied to the injured site. Additionally, rubbing the leaves of anungili onto the skin reduces irritation and the effects of insect bites.

The Tongva also have more general uses for anungili. To reduce light fevers, the leaves are made into a tea. For stomach troubles, a decoction is made from the roots. The Tongva make the seeds into tea for use as a gentle laxative.

In addition, anungili helps reduce earaches: the bases of plantain stems can be used to plug oneís ears. Finally, when chewed, the leaves of plantain are an effective breath freshener.

Plantago spp.

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